Why I'm Over Coffee or Cocktail Mate Dates


Pause for a minute and conjure in your mind the image of a millennial hanging out with their friends. What do you imagine? 

Answers to that question would probably share at least one significantly commonality: the consumption of an alcoholic drink. Don't get me wrong, as a born and bred Geordie, I embrace the Geordie lifestyle of loving a good old bevvy. But after an alcoholic-free weekend spent venturing around Northumberland, I'm feeling finer than an expired car park ticket. In fact, I've had a bit of a hankering to sit down and type some words about us, millennials. 

Why, have we as a generation, become so obsessed with spending our social life sitting around and chatting over drinks? And why, do we spend the majority of this time talking about our problems, a la Sex & The City style? The odd after-work drink is spent moaning about that colleague co-worker or client, rather than celebrating what you've achieved. The post-break up drink with your gal pals is spent contemplating whether you played it too keen too soon, rather than discussing your inevitable glo-up!

When you arrange drinks with the subconscious intent of magnifying and catastrophising every tiny misstep, you are also missing out on the opportunity of building that internal glo-up! By relying on your nearest and dearest, you're simply borrowing their ego by letting their emotional intelligence do the work. Sure, we need to do this sometimes, but if we externalise our distress too much, we don't learn how to handle bad days on our own. We don't practice soothing ourselves just when our brains are in the best position to pick up new skills.

“So, what do I do instead great guru Bekki?” I hear you ask. Find your inner Dora the Explorer! In the space of one whole day, I visited Alnwick Castle, brunched in a local village, visited the famous Barter Books, danced on the beachy sands of Alnmouth and petted some cows in Warkworth. After an arduously long day of exploring, I spent my night ordering a cheeky dominoes with my friends before silly dancing to nostalgic R&B. And do you know what, I woke up the next morning feeling blooming marvellous! So to collectively channel all of my excitement in a productive direction, I urge you – yes, you, who is now googling Dominoes discount codes – to do the same next time you arrange plans with your friends.  Go out there and carpe the freaking diem, alcohol-free!