The Carbs, Cocktail & Craft Beer Guide to Copenhagen

It’s an unspoken rule that with every relationship, you progressively make your way through the different levels of commitment. For example, the first make-or-break steps begin with:

  1. Numerous heart-warming dates, with each one leaving you more eager and excited for the next.

  2. A successful trip to IKEA, which consists of no arguing, messing around and a celebratory 49p hot-dog for surpassing one of the hardest levels.

  3. Half-joking about what type of dog breed you’re going to adopt in the future, before knocking your heads together and coming up with a cutsey name, which symbolises a corny personal joke.

  4. Meeting the parents, and it not being a total disaster.

  5. Celebrating the success of the last level by spontaneously booking a holiday together.

And so on…

 The boy in the botanical gardens of Copenhagen.

The boy in the botanical gardens of Copenhagen.

After getting into a relationship last December, the first couple of months this year were spent accepting that things were getting pretty serious. We had already confirmed our future dog breed – a Dalmation called Maloney (after Post Malone), which was confirmation that we were in deed, in puppy dog love, and ready to take it to the next level.

After numerous successful meetings with the parents, what better way to show off your stability than booking a last minute holiday. Using a series of bad news as an excuse for us to book a breakaway, we spontaneously booked up a last-minute trip to Copenhagen. And now, a whopping eight months later, I’m still very much in puppy dog love, and have decided to share a carbs, cocktail and craft beer guide for the wonderful city of Copenhagen: 



‘GRØD’ (which translates to ‘porridge’) opened up in 2011 with the goal of redefining porridge. Now say what you will about #lifegoals, but they really have nailed the art of an oat-based breakfast. With a wide array of topping combinations, they managed to satisfy both I – a cliché millennial who is interested in whatever ‘superfood’ is currently on trend – and my boyfriend – a man who counts two Greggs sausage rolls and a Coke as a small breakfast. As a means of curing his sweet tooth, he opted for a salted caramel, chocolate drop and coconut combo, whilst I – the-will-try-anything-once-for-Instagram consumer, got off by ordering a chia-based porridge. And although, I still have absolutely no clue exactly what chia is, I blooming well enjoyed it.

All in all, we’d both definitely recommend visiting GRØD as not only are they good value for money but there’s also a couple dotted all over the city so they’re always within walking distance.

gasoline grill copenhagen burger

Gasoline Grill 🍔

It’s been seven months since we got back from Copenhagen, and we still mention the Gasoline Grill burgers on a weekly basis. It’s gotten to the point where I genuinely consider ordering a burger on any menu, as I know that it won’t compare to the Gasoline Grill’s offerings. All I’m saying is – if you like a burger, this is a must.   As featured in the delicious photograph above, I would definitely recommend the original burger which consists of 100% organic beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and gasoline sauce.

Grisen 🥩

Walking into Grisen is a bit like walking into your nan’s living room, except that the array of chocolates you’re peer-pressured into demolishing, has been upgraded to a meaty sandwich. Each dish is piled high with your chosen meat topping, before being drenched in thick enough gravy to put Yorkshire to shame. These meals definitely aren’t for the faint hearted (or vegetarian) but if you’re a meat-loving fanatic who wants to try a traditional Danish meal, Grisen is a must. Although please be warned, try and minimise your food intake before you visit – and come with cash, as they don’t accept debit cards.


Mikkelller 🍺

Expect low-slung lights, artsy graphic designed walls, 20 brews on top, and double the number of hipsters.  Each bar flies the flag for craft beer, with its own cast of Mikkeller creations, and the odd guest drop from microbreweries from around the world. They serve tequila-flavoured beers to fruit-infused foamy goodness, which are perfect for non-beer lovers (like me), who are simply there to soak up the atmosphere, and delicious snack offerings.

photo (1).jpg


Lidkoeb 🍸

If you’ve read any millennial based website in the past couple of years, I’m sure you’re fully aware of the Danish tradition of ‘hygge’. If unfortunately, you have been living under a rock and hadn’t heard of this phrase until now, the irony is that you are, in fact, ironically very ‘hygge’ as it essentially means ‘cosiness’ mixed with feelings of ‘wellness’ and ‘contentment’. Go you!

 After reading the ‘Little Book of Hygge’ on the plane over to Copenhagen, both me and the boy were eager to experience this part of Danish culture. Now let me tell you – it’s doesn’t get more hygge than sitting in Lidkoeb on a rainy night with your other half. The atmosphere is so cosy and calm and overall feels like you’re wearing a big, fluffy blanket, but without the blanket being needed. In fact, I was so relaxed that I didn’t have an aneurism after paying £25.33 for two extremely short cocktails. However the good news is that you can stay the whole night (as we did) after one drink, and you can use the “well, remember that time I paid £13 for your drink in Copenhagen!” card against your other half. That cocktail’s become my ultimate top trump when having a disagreement!  

Still craving carbs, cocktails and craft beer?

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