Confessions of a Lazy Perfectionist

It’s been 28 days since I last pressed ‘publish’ on this very blog and a further 109 days for the blog post before that. It’s safe to say I’ve had countless spare afternoons and weekends full of writing opportunity but rather shamefully, I’ve spent more time talking about my blog, than working on it. Sure, I’ve drafted blog post ideas in my notepad, read countless blogging guides, and even discussed my Big Blogging Ideas with every tom, dick and hairdresser, but mostly, I’ve been dreaming of how my blog will (magically) pan out.

The truth is: I don’t know where to begin. Whenever I’m about to venture into something, such as blogging, my inner perfectionism often sets unrealistic expectations. If the bar is high, then I’m going to go even higher. No one demands more of me than I do, and I expect to exceed my every expectation.

Maybe you can see where this is going. Maybe you can see that this attitude might slow me down when going about the day to day business of reality, or trying to kickstart my blog again. Well, good for you, the armchair analyst. You’re completely right.


A couple of months ago, I started a sunglasses company, La Piqué, and I had high hopes. The first couple of weeks were so exciting - I shot an editorial with the help of some extremely talented creatives, I hosted two market stalls, I gained 200 followers but most rewarding of all, happy customers were sending me selfies of them wearing my sunglasses. Some customers even asked if I had any plans on bringing out an accessories range for Autumn. But despite all of this positive feedback, I felt like I “didn’t have the time” to give La Piqué the full attention it deserved. So rather than uploading mediocre content to the Instagram feed, or planning Autumn stock, I didn’t do either. It’s now October and instead of working on an Autumnal collection as I so gleefully disclosed to myself, La Piqué is no more. That chapter is well and truly over.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Being a perfectionist can make you feel special. For as long as I remember, my anal inclinations have had tangible benefits, it’s not hard to understand why. Perfectionism is a great tool for achievement in that it pushes you to be better and do better than you would otherwise. It enabled me to thrive in education, and achieve the best results throughout. I’m a natural synthesiser who can connect the dots between ideas, and often find my friends coming to me for fashion and interior advice. Heck, I even find solace in matching my nail polish colour to my outfit of choice.

But if there’s one bad trait that naturally comes with being a lazy perfectionist – it’s that I really suck at practice. Unlike many others with this anal ilk, whose super-charged drive puts the pedal to the metal and inevitably plunges them over a cliff into an abyss of burnout, I, in fact, have a trick. If at first, I don’t succeed, just simply move onto the next thing. If the outcome isn’t going to be the penultimate, why bother? But this is where I fail.

I’m forever watching my favourite bloggers, such as Megan Ellaby, The Little Plum and New Girl in Toon, and always feel inspired to blog. But as my perfectionism holds me back and the weeks fly by, their glow ups become ever more, which in turn, pushes the blogging bar even higher. But I’m done. I’m sick of holding myself back so instead, here I am publishing a spontaneous post. My inner Michael Scott may be screaming “noooooooo!” at the thought of publishing a blog post with no pop culture jokes, major ‘epiphanies’ or even a real takeaway, but there’s one thing it certainly isn’t lacking: Practice which in turn, is progress.