Bekki Ramsay  is the creator of FILLER CHAPTERS. 

Bekki Ramsay is the creator of FILLER CHAPTERS. 

FILLER CHAPTERS began as a form of escapism from the post-uni grave of weirdness. It's a blog for any twenty-something year-old who has found themselves having an existential crisis. 

Filler chapters can come in any form – after university, whilst working at a job you detest or even whilst in a relationship that is nothing more than a habit. You may find yourself asking a series of questions: who am I? What do I want out of this? Should I run away and take a gap yaaah? Or do I just need to chop in some bangs, and get a new hairdo to satisfy this state of numbness?   

The truth is, no one knows the answers except yourself. Some days, you might find yourself saturated with overwhelming sensations of reflection and growth where you finally sense a way out of the dull void. But some days, the most exciting part of your day may be when you cook a perfectly poached egg, get a compliment on an outfit, or even get Super Liked by someone who is 100% your type on paper. But, it’s important to note that these Filler Chapters are just as definite because without them, you couldn’t appreciate the Big Chapters in life.

Like any story, a character (i.e. you, right there, whose reading this) cannot be built on just peaks alone. In fact, in the same time that you’re buttering the sourdough bread to match your pristine poached goods, the universe is out there gathering energy and assembling the resources, which will eventually lead to the Big Chapters of your life.

Throughout this blog, I will be documenting honest accounts of both the Filler and Big Chapters of my life. Expect both comical and heartrending diary extracts, documented moments of epiphanies, and the odd travel guide for good measure.

Bekki x